Here are my top locations to visit in Bavaria!

  • Neuschwanstein
    • First on the list is the castle which Walt Disney himself visited to gather inspiration for Cinderella’s castle (and his company’s logo)! The castle is the third castle of King Ludwig II and, having visited all three, is the most picturesque. It’s a two hour train ride from Munich. From there, you take a bus through the town of Fussen, which is quite the charming town itself. Then, it’s time for a hike. Wear your walking shoes because it’s quite the hill. For the best views, continue walking after the castle to the bridge. [Warning: the bridge is a wind tunnel.]  For even better views, keep going. We rock climbed (on hands and knees) to the top of the alp and it was so worth it. Also, be sure to look at King Ludwig II’s childhood home (the yellow castle) across from Neuschwanstein. [Pronounced: Noy-schvan-stein]

  • Alpine coaster
    • If you’re looking for fun, this is your stop. The Alpine Coaster is exactly what is sounds like a coaster down an alp. It’s a 25 minute ski lift to the top (which is quite scary), and if you aren’t afraid of heights definitely look back because it’s an incredible view. When you do get to the top, you hop on an orange scooterish thing. You control you own speed, so it’s up to you to break or go full force. The YouTube video makes it seem gentle and boring- it is not. I screamed the entire way down and almost fell off the scooter at least 4 times. It costs around 7 € to ride and is 800000% worth it. 

  • Linderof
    • Linderhof is the smallest, but most immaculate of King Ludwig II’s palaces. It is also the only one in which the King actually lived. My favorite part of the tour was actually the grounds; the garden, the fountains, the alps. It’s all wonderful and a perfect photo opportunity. [See below] The castle itself is the most gold, velvet, royal palace you could ever dream of. There’s marble everywhere and extravagant porcelain chandeliers. My favorite room is King Ludwig’s personal bedroom. Also, this castle is near the alpine coaster which makes for a perfect day trip from Munich!

  • Chiemsee
    • You must go to one of the lakes whilst in Bavaria. I recommend Chimese for a few reasons. First, there are multiple islands with ferries that take you to each. Second, there are alps all around the lake making it STUNNING. Three, Ludwig’s third castle is on one of the islands, Herrenchiemsee. is the largest of the palaces and modeled after (and is larger than) Versailles. I wouldn’t recommend going inside the castle, as it looks very similar to Linderhof, but the palace grounds are nice and have a view of the lake. If it’s a nice day, there are plenty of restaurants to eat at outside with a lake view! 

  • BMW world
    • You can’t go to Munich or Bavaria without seeing some part of the car industry. The perfect place to go is BMW World. It’s free to enter (fee for a guided tour) and showcases BMW, Rolls Royce, and Mini. There are old cars and new and nice restaurants. It’s located right beside Olympic Park so it’s the perfect ~air conditioned~ stop after a hot walk through the park. Stop by even if you are not a car junkie. 
  • Marienplatz
    • The center and hub of the city of Munich. Marienplatz is full of shops, restaurants and beautiful sights. For a great city view, climb the tower for 2 € (exhausting but do it for the Instagram). Marienplatz is right off the S-bahn and easily walked to from most places. Guided tour through this area is a must.

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