Here are some of my favorite restaurants that I visited during my stay!

  • Schneider Weisses Brauhaus
    • Traditional Bavarian in Marienplatz
    • This brew house serves up the best traditional Bavarian food in town. Personally, I recommend the cheese spatzel, which is the Bavarian version of Mac and Cheese (but MUCH better). 

  • Hans im gluck
    • Best Burger Place (and great salads!)
    • Hans im gluck serves a zillion different kinds of burgers from vegan/vegetarian to chicken to beef. They have a great deal for both lunch and dinner where you pick a side and drink (alcoholic for dinner) and add it to any burger choice for just +5€ during lunch or +8€ during dinner.
    • I ordered the Seelenheil burger which was a spinach and cheese patty with parmesan sauce and an herb salad, a side of fries and a mojito.
    • There are multiple locations over the city!

  • Sausalitos
    • Mexican 
    • Sausalitos is my favorite place in the entire world and let me tell you why. For 12€, you get a quesadilla, a large portion of potato wedges and a great salad. They have happy hour every day from 5 pm to 8 pm where drinks run 5€ for small and 7€ for large. They also have to-go cups for cocktails! There is a booth out front to just grab a margarita on the go, but if you happen to not finish your drink inside, they will put it in a to-go cup as well. 
    • We had incredible service and the food is incredible. There are also locations all over the city, but my favorite one is in Marienplatz.

  • Dean and David
    • Germany’s Hello Bristo
    • Dean and David is another branch with many locations all over the city. They serve the salads that you need when you’re bloated from all the Bavarian food and beer. The salads are great, with many options and cost around 6-8€.
  • Reubenbauer
    • This is going to sound a little weird, but the train stations in Munich have great food. My favorite find was the Reubenbauer complex in Hauptbahnhof.
    • While there are 10,000 things to chose from at Reubenbauer, my favorite was the pizza. They had so many different options each purchased by the slice- so you can try them all! Each slice costs around 3-4€, but is 100% the best pizza in all of Munich. I’m not kidding, I tried nearly all of the pizza in the city.

Lastly, I figured it was important to mention my favorite beer garden, and there are two: Lowenbrau and the beer garden in Marienplatz.

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