Day 1:
You’d think that I would have built up an ability to run with my suitcase by now- I haven’t. It still sucks. I grab breakfast after a long security line. Naturally, I drop my straw on the floor, say screw it, and put it in my drink anyway. My coworkers finally show up and we all grab an hour of sleep on the ride. Once we land, we head straight for the facility and start working. After work, we grab dinner and turn in once delirium of the 3:30 am start hits.

Day 2:
Another day at work, you get the idea. After work, we headed into the city! Chicago has been on my must-see list for some time, and that’s solely for deep dish pizza. The traffic-filled drive ends in millennial park, home of the infamous “bean.” (Majorly regretted the “eh I don’t need anything but work clothes” lazy decision I made when packing, it’s 95 degrees and I’m in jeans that I wore all day). I had an incredible time in the city. For just he evening, I couldn’t have pictured it better. I grabbed drinks and dinner with my friend (and chicago local) at the Tavern at the Park. It’s located right along millennium park and gives the perfect roof top view of the city and park. Afterwards, we hit up the bean for tourist pictures and walked along the lake. The lake walk was BREATHTAKING. We stopped at talked to a couple boating with a Pittsburgh Pirates flag. They were the nicest people. The walk was incredible. I’m left wanting to see more and more from this city. I already know that a return trip is NECESSARY.


Day 3:
Day 3 has a special place in my heart. Day 3 was deep dish pizza day. One of the workers at the facility told me that his favorite deep dish was Giordano’s. Conveniently, there was one located half a mile from my hotel. I ordered online before even leaving work. I decided on an individual 6″ deep dish with extra cheese. When it came, I was quite worried that it wouldn’t be enough food. It was so filling that I had to take a 5 minute breather after slice #3. Now, the review: it completely lived up to all of my Chicago deep dish expectations. It was absolutely incredible and if I hadn’t passed out of fullness, I would have ordered another. The crust was beautifully flaky, the cheese was perfect and the sauce on top just worked. This pizza alone should have everyone considering to move to Chicago and there are a zillion other restaurants with similar deliciousness. This pizza makes UNO look stupid. Fun fact: some of these restaurants ship nationwide. It’s expensive, but am I considering it? Yes.

Day 4:                                                                                                                                       Thursday consisted of work, dinner, and packing. (Sorry for the lameness, we had an nearly flight to catch the next morning!

Things I should have done if I had time:
1. Chinatown
2. Shameless set (locals say that the show represents the area where it’s filmed)
3. Sears tower

Things I learned:
1. Every Tuesday in the summer there is a movie played in the park! (Shown below)
2. Chicago just recently changed their “no happy hour” law, but most restaurants still don’t have happy hour specials! Instead, many restaurants have brunch deals with bottomless booze.


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