I went to Philly this past weekend and did not combust. Let me explain… I’m a born and raised yinzer that bleeds black and gold, but I decided to give Philly a shot for the weekend to visit a friend from college.

The five hour drive ended at her house a little outside the city. We called an uber and we were off. For dinner, we went to Pierto’s, an incredible coal-fired pizza place with all kinds of Italian options. I ordered the four cheese pizza with a nice white wine. After dinner, we headed out to “Woody’s”, which happens to be a gay bar. It was a fun spot filled with dancing…. and aggressive PDA.


The next day my friend showed me a bunch of great tourists spots! Disclaimer: This is the second booze-filled post in a row, don’t judge me. We started the day with brunch at the Belgian Cafe. This cafe had adorable outside seating and an incredible beer list (they even had Bavarian beer, which made my day). The food itself was just okay, which means I wouldn’t go there a second time. First stop on the tour was the Art Museum, aka the Rocky steps. Yes, I did run up them despite wearing a dress that required me to pull it down every few steps. We opted out of going inside the museum and headed for Spruce Street Harbor Park! This park was my favorite part of my weekend. There were lots of cool food trucks, drink trucks, and fun seating around the harbor. Then, we walked on over to check out some historical landmarks. We saw Independence Hall, which to a history geek like me, was SO COOL (well not cool because that building is famous for having no air conditioning). The Liberty Bell had a long line, and it was ridiculously hot, so TIP: we walked to the side of the building and got a glimpse of it through the window. Honestly, we had the same view as those inside. Across the street is the Independence Beer Garden. We all know that I love beer gardens, so I just had to stop and check this one out. The area was full of big community tables and games- connect 4, checkers, shuffle board, you name it. They offer beer, cocktails, and snacks! This was definitely another favorite stop of mine. By this time, we were hungry again. We walked our way towards &pizza, but stopped in Reading Terminal Market to check it out. This place was amazing. I’ve never seen higher quality foods at such great prices all in one place. I loved seeing all the different vendors and watching the people work their way through the chaos. We finally made it to &pizza, a chipotle style pizza joint where you make it your way. Of course, it was delicious.


We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening hanging out on a friend’s rooftop staring at the great view of the city while drinking a few beers. The hunger of a 3 pm lunch set in quite late, which restricted our restaurant options. We walked to Wawa. Was my food good? Eh, it was okay. Let’s face it- Wawa CANNOT compete with Sheetz. The next morning, I slept in a bit. We went to Honeygrow for lunch. This place does a make you own salad or stir fry bar. It was life changing and well priced! After lunch, it was time for me to leave Flyers territory and head back to the home of the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins.


Philly, you’re okay. You’re fun for a weekend, but you’ll never be Pittsburgh.

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