Day One:

Our hotel transfer picked us up at port in a mad chaos of people. The hotel was one of the most picturesque place I had ever seen. The hotel is called Petinos Beach. We wandered down to the Platis Gialos beach, which was just steps from our hotel. There was a great view and the beach was lined with little restaurants and beach chairs. We stopped at one of the restaurants for a late lunch/early dinner. The restaurant was called Yialo Yialo and had incredible food and very cute waiters. I got a pasta dish with oil, garlic, cheese and tomatoes. After a brief siesta, we caught a bus into town for 1,80€. Town was magical. I liked Santorini, but then I fell in love with Mykonos. There was great shopping, restaurants, charming little streets all along the sea. Mykonos is more expensive, populated, busy, and high end, but the energy is undeniable. I could wander the streets forever and continue to find new places to explore. ALSO: There is an ice cream shop on the walk from the bus stop into town. It is called I Scream Homemade Ice cream-cafe. The ice cream is incredible. 10/10


Look at how cute my hotel room was!!!


Day Two:

On our second day on the island, we grabbed a quick breakfast at the hotel. Our hotel’s breakfast area/restaurant had an adorable patio with views of the Platis Gialos beach. After breakfast, we took a bus into town to catch the ferry to Delos. Delos is an island just a short 30-minute boat ride away from Mykonos. According to Wikipedia, Delos is one of the most important mythological, historical and archeological sites in Greece. The ferry to Delos costs 20€ and entrance to the island costs an additional 12€. The island is basically uninhabited and filled with ruins, a far different site that in 300 BC when over 30,000 people lived on the small island. My friend, who had researched this half-day trip, wanted to see the infamous lion statues. We thought (unsure why) that the lion statues would most likely be on top of the large mountain, thus we climbed and climbed to the top to find no lions. On the way down, we ran into another visitor who told us that the lions were near the front entrance… Yes, we climbed that mountain for nothing. Side note: it was INCREDIBLY windy the day we went and I was not dressed appropriately. The boat ride back was awful and people were dropping like flys due to seasickness. Advice: don’t go on a day when winds at 19 mph.


At least our mountain climbing resulted in great views!


After our trip to Delos, we headed back to Platis Gialos for a late lunch at one of the restaurants along the beach. The restaurant then gave us complimentary chairs on the beach for the rest of the afternoon!

Day Three:

Day three had a slow start. Breakfast at the hotel was followed by a little nap. We finally headed over to the beach to grab chairs for the day. We chose DK Oyster Bar. I wasn’t really impressed with their food menu. Everything was ridiculously overpriced. We paid 25€ a person for chairs on the beach, but that price turned out to be a credit for the restaurant. With the high prices of drinks, this “credit” turned out to be one free drink of your choice. The real reason we chose to plant ourselves here instead of a cheaper spot were the floating white chairs that were so instagramable that I forked over the money immediately. Here is the proof:



For lunch, we went back to Yialo Yialo because I just needed to have that wonderful pasta dish one more time. After lunch, I just needed to experience Paradise Beach. Paradise Beach is supposed to be this huge party place where everyone goes wild until 7 am. I took a water taxi over from our beach for 10€ round trip. We got to Paradise Beach around 3/4 pm, so everyone was rather calm. The clubs are right along the beach and are MASSIVE. I can only imagine how crazy things get in July and August during peak season. Side note: Our one waiter, Eva, told us to go to Cavo Paradiso, which is supposed to be one of the best clubs in the world. We didn’t make it there, but just a suggestion! After a little regrouping, we headed into town one last time to grab dinner. We ate at Kadena, a cafe/restaurant along the Old Port. The dinner was good, but the view stole the show.

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