The 24 Places on my Bucket List

In honor of my 24th birthday last week, I decided to do some reflection on my past year. With that reflection came new goals, aspirations, and hopes for not only year 24, but beyond. After looking back on my previous travels and what I have learned from those experiences, I’ve created a new “bucket list” of places that I intend on visiting as soon as possible. Call it a mid-twenties crisis or call it not wanting to get old and boring, but here it goes:

  1. A tour de Japan with visits to Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka
  2. A hike to end all hikes in Chilean Patagonia
  3. A meeting with the Magellanic penguins of Argentina
  4. A flight over the Victoria Falls to test my fear of heights
  5. A ride on the alpine coaster in Grindelwald, Switzerland
  6. A cozy trip to Banff, Alberta to give poutine a chance
  7. A train ride on the Hogwarts Express in the Scottish Highlands
  8. A cruise through the Norwegian Fords
  9. An extensive search for the best wine in Madeira, Portugal
  10. A few days at the beautiful beaches of Kos, Greece
  11. A reenactment of “The Holiday” in the Cotswolds
  12. A proper road trip around the South Island of New Zealand
  13. A sailing trip around Malta to feed my love of the Mediterranean 
  14. A ~float~ in the Dead Sea off the Israeli coast
  15. A hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey
  16. A visit to the largest religious monument in the world, Angkor Wat in Cambodia 
  17. A history lesson in the beautiful Petra, Jordan
  18. A mother-daughter trip to Hallstatt and Salzburg, Austria because the hills are alive
  19. A cruise around the great state of Alaska to see the “Last Frontier”
  20. A getaway to the island of Mauritius to disconnect from everything
  21. A hike along the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland because Greenland deserves the same glow-up that Iceland received
  22. An attempt at learning to ski (but then giving up and drinking hot chocolate) in Vail, Colorado 
  23. A “basic” fall photoshoot in Vermont when the leaves are justtt right
  24. A full-blown vespa tour along the French Rivera from Cannes to Monaco (inspired by World of Wanderlust)

Have you been to any of these places? What’s on your bucket list?

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